Snoop Dogg Addresses Japanese Man's Viral, Lifelike Collie Costume


A Japanese man recently went viral thanks to his lifelike border collie costume that looks as realistic as a living, breathing pooch. Toco, as the man publicly identifies himself, has been documenting his journey to becoming a canine for over a year on his YouTube channel, but his $14,000 costume has gotten an even bigger spotlight after he wore it out in public for the first time during an interview.  

Snoop Dogg, one of pop culture’s most beloved canine-associated performers, had to chime in on the eyebrow-raising phenomenon. While speaking to Hoda Kotb and Jenna Bush Hager on Today, Tha Doggfather was asked to react to the video that made Toco go viral. 

“Come on, man,” the dog gear mogul said in disbelief. “Doggoneit, you need to stop with all that mess. Come see the D.O. Double if you want to be a D.O. Double G.”

Toco, for his part, just wants people to understand that his desire to be a border collie is a fun, innocent expression of himself and not a manifestation of a deeper-lying fetish. In fact, it’s something he’s thought about since he was a kid. “I remember writing in my grade school graduation book that I wanted to be a dog and walk outside,” he told The New York Post

As for the sexual perceptions of his costume, he only wants others to see him in a normal light. “I’m just sad that people can think that,” Toco explained.  “I love animals and enjoy play-acting like a collie.”

“This is my hobby, so I will carry on,” he added. “It makes me happy and other people happy, too.”

If he ever wants to start a rap career, now he knows who to call. 

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