Watch: Jets Fan Has Best Tribute to Aaron Rodgers After Injury


A motivated TikToker took to the streets to run eight miles in honor of Aaron Rodgers.

Kaitlin Maniscalco, who co-hosts the MLB-recap podcast Breaking Bats, invited her TikTok followers to join her in an eight mile sprint in honor of the legendary QB. “Basically, when I’m really sad, I go run,” Maniscalco explains at the top of the clip. She tells new viewers that, in case they’re confused, “this is how I show my love,” adding that she also runs to support the Yankees. Indeed, Maniscalco’s Twitter bio confirms, “I am the one that runs for the Yankees,” and a search on TikTok of “Kaitlyn Maniscalco running” yields myriad results.

Four miles into her endeavor, Maniscalco updates viewers. “I definitely wanna stop, but I’m just thinking how much Aaron Rodgers would love to be running right now,” she reflects. Things take an unexpected turn at mile seven when the host reports she’s “literally lost,” but she soon rounds out her goal with a remarkable 15,434 steps. “Eight miles for our king,” Maniscalco declares. “Rodgers, rest up. We’ll see you soon.”


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 “See this is my GIRL,” one commenter wrote. Another fan wished to see more videos of the same nature: “You should start a series where you run a while for every touchdown or a mile for every score the jets get,” remarked Alex Sisco.

Despite his torn Achilles, Rodgers hasn’t ruled out returning for this season’s playoffs. In an interview Friday, he told Pat McAfee that “anything’s possible,” and thanked fans for their support.

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