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With roughly 97% of the population eating meat, it’s mind-blowing that 85% of the American meat supply chain is in the hands of four corporations, two of which are foreign. What’s also disturbing is the deliberate manipulation of beef prices, the rise in food intellectual property (IP) in the form of GMO food solutions and fake meat products grown in a lab, and the regulatory constraints placed on small cattle ranches trying to make our food supply chain more robust and secure.

My guest today, AJ Richards, is leading the charge when it comes to a new way to deliver beef to the American consumer directly from the ranches themselves in order to cut out the excess cost, regulation, manipulation, and build out a stronger, more diverse supply of food. Today, we talk about the crumbling food supply chain, our import to export dilemma, overcoming the monopolies of food producers, why homesteading in America is once again growing, and so much more.

We are at 1960s level cattle inventory with 2023 population.Tweet That— AJ Richards

AJ Richards

My guest today is military veteran, serial entrepreneur, cattle rancher, and problem solver, AJ Richards. As a 5th generation member of cattle ranching families, he is on a mission to transform the food supply chain in America and break up the monopolies and dangers inherent in our current system.

AJ has a passion for delivering healthy food from American producers to American Consumers through his company, Stay Classy Meats and Feed the People by The People. You’re going to hear all about his solutions-oriented approach to one of the world’s biggest challenges – feeding the masses with high-quality food at prices people can afford. All this while building back the American Ranch and serving and leading his own family along the way.

Show Highlights

  • City slicker turned rancher
  • Losing farms is national security issue
  • Beef supply chain is controlled by 4 major companies
  • Creating an Uber or AirBnb for meat
  • Inspiring the next generation of ranchers
  • Keeping the family engaged and interested
  • Meat distribution should be regional, rather than national
  • Let the local economy dictate the price
  • The dangers of opposing the establishment

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