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So many of us are so trapped in our current ways of thinking that we do not allow ourselves to take in new information and apply it in a way that may threaten our current reality or identity. Combine that need we have to be congruent in our own lives with the desire others have for us to remain in the status quo and it becomes extremely difficult for us to evolve into new ways of thinking and behaving.

My guest today is a man who has had to continually look at the way he is showing up and incorporate a new set of beliefs and values to drive his life forward. His name is Jamie Kilstein and, today, we talk about individual sovereignty, spirituality vs. the institution of religion, why “grifting” is a concept designed to keep the status quo, caution in becoming overly apathetic, why you should get comfortable with changing your mind, and how to allow yourself to evolve.

You never know when the good thing is gonna happen.Tweet That— Jamie Kilstein

Jamie Kilstein

My guest today is Jamie Kilstein. He is an author, podcaster, and stand-up comedian. He is the host of the Back Row Podcast and talks openly about many of his failures on his path to become a better human.

I like Jamie because he’s willing to tell it like it is and never shies away from sharing his own setbacks as well as his successes.

He’s been featured on the Joe Rogan Podcast, Dr. Drew, Glen Beck, Fox News, and now the Order of Man podcast. Gentlemen, enjoy Jamie’s honest take on the struggles of life and how to overcome them.

Show Highlights

  • Being honest and humble gives your more credibility 
  • Leaving room for God to do his thing
  • We know what the “right work” is
  • As Christians, we should be the least self-righteous
  • Surround yourself with people who will help you avoid traps and pitfalls
  • Investigates your beliefs
  • Obsession vs. apathy regarding politics
  • Its ok to change your mind

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