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We’re all familiar with the Warrior Archetype. Many men listening to this podcast embody what it means to be a warrior. But if we are exclusively warriors in our approach to life, we can easily overlook the more gentle, meeker virtues that make us well-rounded men.

My guest today is a man intimately familiar with the balance between the lion and the lamb, the warrior and the poet. His name is John Lovell and he is the author of The Warrior Poet Way: A Guide to Living Free and Dying Well. Today, John and I talk about striking the balance between both, how we’re neither exclusively warrior or exclusively poet, how to become not just dangerous in the physical realm but also dangerous in our virtue, how humility heals everything, overcoming a crisis of identity, and why if there is nothing to protect there is no need for men, and the proper time and place for displaying vulnerability.

We really need to be lovers and fighters, not one of the two.Tweet That— JOHN LOVELL

John Lovell

My guest today is good friend, former Army Ranger, author, and founder of The Warrior Poet Society, John Lovell.

His message of reclaiming masculinity has garnered over 100 million views on various social media platforms. But not only that, this is a man living his message from serving in the 2nd Ranger Battalion, to living as a full-time Christian missionary in Central America, to launching his business and now global movement.

He is a content creator, public speaker, firearms instructor, homesteader, and now you can add author to his already impressive resume with his latest book, The Warrior Poet Way: A Guide to Living Free and Dying Well.

A good man is multifaceted in his strength.Tweet That— JOHN LOVELL

Show Highlights

  • The concept of the warrior poet
  • We are lacking both warriors and poets in society
  • Jesus is the eternal warrior and poet
  • Evil people pulling the political strings
  • Everything has become a “political” issue
  • Being influenced by Artificial Intelligence
  • Pride poisons everything, humility heals everything
  • Humility is a source of strength
  • Building strength through suffering
  • Truth is narrow and exclusive

Battle Ready

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