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Child sex trafficking literally permeates every corner of the globe. It’s despicable, it’s nasty, and it’s a growing trend, even in 2023. Where most men recognize problems in this world, few are willing to put their own careers and lives on the line to create solutions.

My guest today is built different. His name is Tim Ballard and he is the founder of Operation Underground Railroad which exists to rescue children from dangerous and despicable sex rings. Today, we talk about what a truly compassionate border policy would look like, the hyper-sexualization of the world and the degeneracy it leads to, how unintended policy incentives often make problems worse, why evil lurks behind the concept of tolerance, and his latest film uncovering the underground child sex trade, Sound of Freedom.

Human trafficking has different faces in different places.Tweet That— Tim Ballard

Tim Ballard

My guest is repeat guest and a man who is doing some absolutely incredible things in the service of those who cannot save themselves. His name is Tim Ballard.

Tim is the founder and CEO of Operation Underground Railroad which rescues children from sex trafficking rings. He also spent over a decade as a special agent for the Department of Homeland Security which gave him valuable insight, intel, and the ability to target these sex rings and do something about them. He’s been instrumental in developing software and internet technology and investigations to infiltrate file-share networks targeting child pornography exchanges. And, he’s got a new feature movie highlighting his life’s work and the good he’s doing titled, Sound of Freedom.

Sex addiction is what creates the demand [for trafficking].Tweet That— Tim Ballard

Show Highlights

  • The U.S. is one of the top consumers of child sexual material
  • Open borders are contributing to the problem
  • Its not easy to profile child sexual predators
  • Pornography is a gateway
  • Sex work is the antithesis of feminism
  • When is government intervention appropriate
  • Media standing in the way of fighting child trafficking
  • The process of finding traffickers
  • The Sound of Freedom

Iron Council

I’m a little hesitant in sharing today that our exclusive brotherhood, the Iron Council, is open in light of the seriousness of our discussion with Tim today but I’m reminded of the powerful good men can do when we band together towards a common objective and/or against a common enemy.

Too many men are going at it alone and they’re suffering because of it. And, we’re weaker when we’re isolated. But when we band together, not only do we give ourselves the opportunity for growth but we increase our ability to do good and righteous work in the world – like the type of work Tim and his teams are engaged in.

If you’re interested in banding with us, head to www.orderofman.com/ironcouncil to learn more and, join us while we’re open for a very limited time. Again, that’s www.orderofman.com/ironcouncil.

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